Two major mindblowing innovations at Google ATAP

The future is literally around the corner, if it isn’t already here. Amazed and bedazzled by the Google ATAP innovations, now it is the time to get started and to get up to speed. Wow!

“The future is what we choose to make. We make what we believe in. Welcome to Google’s ATAP group.”

Two major innovations I like to share with you. How to turn any and everyday objects into technical intuitive devices?

1. Turn everyday objects into interactive surfaces. Just via weaving in a touch and gesture interactivity, seamless and into any textile, such as clothes and furniture, just by using standard, industrial looms. Project Jacquard 

2. Turn everyday objects into touchless devices and to interact and to navigate by micro motions from your fingertips. Just by using radar technology, the sensor can track sub-millimeter motions at high speed and accuracy. And it fits onto the small chip.

If you have any more great wow-factor innovations that are worth sharing, please add them to my LinkedIn post to inspire and share our knowledge.

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