Vertical Video

Tips and tricks from the best. Thnx to Ashley for this link. See for more inspiration.

YT ad tips and tricks

The tips and tricks for best YouTube ads and creatives, by Google.

Help Content for video

How Samsung set up ‘Android and you’ to produce and distribute help content on the Android operating system. Using Google Search Query data to discover the needs of the audience to set up the topic lists.

Platform distribution via YT >> display, social, etc. 138 videos and counting.

Credits to Wayne Parker Kent

More on Help content

Search and Video

“People move through the purchase journey on their own terms, seamlessly shifting between search and video.” “Our research shows that, on average, advertisers who run YouTube video ads in addition to Google Search ads see 3% higher search conversion rates and a 4% lower search cost per acquisition compared to advertisers who run Google Search ads alone.”

Streaming war

Great read on the upcoming streaming video and TV war.

“If the content is king, everyone’s coming for the crown. For any company to succeed in rivaling Netflix, they will need content that can compete with Netflix’s library for people’s attention. So they are starting by pulling from Netflix’s library.

The launches of Disney+ and Apple TV+ will give us a better idea of the level of competition facing Netflix, and the wrap-up of this year’s upfront cycle will show how narrow (or not) the divide between traditional TV and digital video ad sellers really is.”

Future of video content

#Future of #video #content: “You need to create stuff that’s not only visually stimulating but also intellectually stimulating, where the viewer is learning something, laughing, or being enlightened.” It’s about passion, niches, and personal premium.

Published by Google, so pretty focused on YouTube (duh…) Nice read

Samsung YT strategy

“78% of viewers saying they wanted to see more episodes of the “/make” series” 

“17% of consumers who watched the episodes said they were more likely to buy a Samsung as their next smartphone, while Apple owners were 15% more likely to purchase a Samsung next.”

How @Samsung Electronics uses YouTube to reach out to customers.

Vertical over square


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Size does matter. vertical video results in lower media spend, CPC CPV, then square video on social, plus a bit more inspiration and engagement…