Audi Clowns

How to adapt the TVC to social, some behind the scenes insights.

“[So] we chose the two features that most explicitly showcased the technology and would be easily understood and digested by our audience in the ten-second clips. Additionally, we used typography to call-out the technology shown by name,” says Nick Dodd, Group Account Director, We Are Social.”

“We also knew that bringing our branding up-front would generate a stronger brand recall, so we introduced the logo and an impactful overlay saying ‘Audi presents’ within the first two seconds of the videos.”

Digital versus traditional media


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“The real problem is people are spending too much money on the short-term activation stuff. Programmatic and paid search is not enough to generate growth for brands. What we need to do is get people to understand the long-term power of brand building and see that TV and online video together can really do that brand job,” Mr Binet said.”

“The really big problem is not the tension between digital and traditional media, it’s this tension between brand building and activation and people getting the wrong balance.” 

“”So it awakens the emotional stuff, and then ‘we’ve got the product for you at the price for you’. When you get those two things working together then everything lights up.”

Tx Les Binet for this razor-sharp analysis.