5 tips email subjectlines


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1. Use numbers. Numbers are your email subject line’s best friends.
Extensive A/B tests by email platform Campaign Monitor found subject lines with numbers achieved a 57 percent better open rate than those without.
2. Remember, characters count.
Next, remember real estate for your subject lines is very limited. Desktops usually display about 60 characters and mobile devices about 25 to 30.
3. Use these 10 words that increase open rates: thanks, golden, iPhone, breaking, advice, course, thank you, exclusive, review, top stories
4. Skip these 10 words that decrease open rates: get rid of, secret of, shocking, what you need to know, won’t believe, quickest, aim, call, put, 2 for 1.
5. Do your own A/B testing.

Perfect content headline

So, after all that work, did you find a formula for the perfect headline? There is a way of writing a headline that will get you more shares. It requires:

Emotion: There’s an emotional element you need in your headline. Is it beautiful, shocking?
Genre: You have to tell the reader was to expect. What is the content? Is it images? Facts? Charts? Quotes? Video?
Topic: In any industry, there are en vogue topics: Uber, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Donald Trump. Or perennial topics that are always en vogue like cats, dogs, babies, long life, and love.
Format: Is it a list? A quiz? A story? A research post?

Headlines work better when these four elements are included. The fifth and most important element is that the overall headline has to have a promise. When we analyzed those top headlines, “Will Make You” was the top phrase on Facebook by miles and it’s because it connects the content to the impact on the reader. So, something will make you more productive, more informed, happier, whatever it may be – there’s a clear promise in the headline.

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