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My favorite episodes of the ‘Chasing Excellence’ podcast by Ben Bergeron

Mental toughness isn’t what you think

Turning broad goals into concrete action

Complain less communicate more

The 5 p’s of decision making

10 Principles of mindset

The origins of NOBULL 

Building a stronger brand

Win or learn

The theoretical development of a business

Earning trust and building teams

Mindstrategies for workouts

Confirmation bias and data

About confirmation bias and data. Nice and long listen on how the Gamechangers Netflix documentary is an example by the book of highlighting and cherrypicking research, putting it out of context to showcase just one bright side of the vegan lifestyle. 

Don’t get me wrong… I am absolutely not against vegan or vega. Joe Rogan shares his open and honest mind, inquisitive for the bigger picture. Gotta love this guy for his podcast to broaden your own horizons. 

Content Podcast

Sorry for non-Dutchies … it’s in Dutch :), date of recording May 2017.

Podcast content

Podcast on content


Deze aflevering draait volledig om het ontwikkelen van je contentstrategie. Fleur Willemijn van Beinum werkte voor grote partijen als KLM, Delta Lloyd en eBay. Tot voor kort zat ze bij Unilever als Global Content Strateeg. Momenteel ad interim bij ABN Amro als Social Business Strateeg. In haar loopbaan is er een gemeenschappelijke deler te ontdekken: content.

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Next step in #podcast and #sound

“testing podcast formats that can be broken down into chunks for sharing and include images and graphics to accompany each chapter, rather than full 30-minute or hourlong shows. The idea is for people to be able to listen to bite-size chapters of audio if they don’t have time to listen to a full podcast, and share them with friends.”

British GQ and Universal Music test shareable podcast formats