Tips to boost content reach


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9 Content Amplification Tactics to 10x Your Reach

6 Content promotion Strategies

Read & learn how to promote your #content
Strategy 1: Leverage a proven blog post template
Strategy 2: Build and ask a list of sharers before publication
Strategy 3: Share with communities
Strategy 4: Drive traffic using cheap ads
Strategy 5: Retarget visitors to grow your email list
Strategy 6: Build links to the content

6 How-To Strategies for Content Promotion

6 How-To Strategies for Content Promotion

Content distribution and social strategy

to keep in mind for your #content distribution and social strategy: “While “liking” a post signals to Facebook that its something you’re interested in and want to see more of, responding with any other sentiment — even a “negative” one like angry — sends an even stronger signal.”

Great social media content tips 2017

“… above all plan your content around your budgets and only create what you’ll have money to promote.”

1. Kill content calendars
2. Plan your media together
3. Adapt content to platforms
4. Measure what actually matters
5. Don’t be afraid of the dark 

“Finally, content is no longer king, distribution is. Platforms are more powerful than publishers. And recent changes to the Facebook algorithm in particular now prioritize peers over professional creators.” Good read on recent changes: inversion of influence, earning attention and distribution is king over content.