Out of office for charity


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“Every time you see a #message from a #charity, they’ve probably paid to get it there. And advertising is not cheap.”

Mindshare is planning to release #free software that allows companies and individuals to #donate space in their #outofofficeemail messages for use by charities. (…) estimates this space could be worth £1 for every thousand emails – the equivalent of £51,000 worth of media space each day in the UK.”


Lacoste charity

How to align your #brand with your #charity of choice, nice one. “Make the logo bigger!” clients cry. Rarely do they ask to see it disappear.

Do-and-show-good by Lacoste  “The number of shirts available for sale corresponds to the number of animals of each species that remain in the wild. A total of 1,775 shirts have been made; of them, you’ll find 30 Vaquitas (a type of porpoise) and 450 editions with the Anegada Rock Iguana.”

Lacoste’s Iconic Crocodile Makes Room for 10 Endangered Species on Brand’s Polo Shirts