Facebook engagement 2018

Key findings from 43 million Facebook Business Page posts

  1. Top Pages are posting a lot more
  2. Overall Page engagement is declining
  3. Facebook engagement down for videos, images, and links
  4. Posting 5 times per day resulted in highest overall engagement
  5. Top Page categories experienced 49-70% overall drop in engagement

engagement : hashtagvisual or hashtagvideo? hashtagdata tells all… “Interestingly enough, we found that images (not video) regularly receive the most engagement. However, consistent with the data above, average engagement per image dropped from 9,370 per post in Q1 2017 to just 3,454 per post in Q2 2018. Respectively, average engagement per video fell from 5,486 to 2,867. Here’s a quick chart to show the differences between types of content.”

We Analyzed 43 Million Facebook Posts From the Top 20,000 Brands (New Research)

“But with organic reach nearly nonexistent on Facebook, why are pages posting more?

Jason Beckerman, CEO of social advertising platform Unified, said Facebook is “really a pay-to-play ecosystem now,” adding, “The days of seeing significant engagement from organic are pretty much over. Truthfully, all companies should be exploring paid social advertising—and they don’t need to have huge budgets, either. Depending on their goal, they can see huge return on investment with the right targeting, creative, audience targeting and strong campaign management capability.”

The Top 20,000 Facebook Pages Posted More Content During the Second Quarter of 2018

Research for better content

How to own an #audience and really touch them with your #branded #content. From CTR to understanding their needs followed by their purchases.

“For publishers who want deep strategic partnerships with brands, the ambition cannot just be click-through rates,” said Lloyd. “If you claim to own an audience, you need show movement, whether that’s purchase, equity or awareness.”

How food publisher Great British Chefs used research to increase branded content sales by 35 percent

Optimize reach Facebook Audiences

“Optimizing reach within the total target audience is the way to go.” says Jorre Rienstra (LLM, MA Economics)

“We saw that the top reach quartile of campaigns drove the number of total people impacted at 10% less cost per person impacted. The top reacncremental sales and 169% more incremental buyers..”

Download the whitepaper https://lnkd.in/gVZFf6h or subscibe https://lnkd.in/gJKxQxu

Tx Jorre Rienstra (LLM, MA Economics) Facebook Client Partner Global Marketing Solutions, for sharing and giving him the credits for my shameless copypasting. Also originated at Digiday

Heineken prioritizes mass reach over hypertargeting on Google and Facebook