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“With Airbnb Magazine, we’re looking to flip the script on traditional travel-centric content,” she says. “That means positioning travel as accessible instead of exclusive, and prioritizing people over places. The magic of Airbnb comes from human connection and creating a space for belonging, and we wanted that to be at the heart of our magazine.” And more nice #insights on #branded #content

Airbnb global brand


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Airbnb chief marketer Jonathan Mildenhall reveals how the company created its #marketing platform and grew it into a #global brand.

Expending Airbnb, adding experiences to travelling in an end-to-end journey. “The Airbnb Trips platform now offers 500 experiences to travellers who want to experience local living in the city they are visiting. Now is a time when the openness travel can bring is really important. It helps to broaden horizons and can make the world a smaller place when it feels so distant.”

Airbnb launched a (print) magazine to connect homeowners and travelers.

“This is a printed magazine where honest stories are told by the unexpected characters of our community. It is a crossroad of travel and anthropology; a document of community, belonging and shared space.

Pineapple is a platform for the incredible stories from Airbnb’s extended family to be shared; it is somewhere for readers to see how people live and create connections in cities today.”