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Why do you do, what you do? What excites you and gets you out of bed every day? As a person and as a company. How to link your ‘purpose’ to your content; people buy your products because of you and your ‘why’ and not for your ‘how’ or ‘what’.

Tell your company’s story with pride and passion, be holistic and make sure this is more than just the sum of your content, its visuals, videos and assets. It is about being consistent through the line, cross and multi departmental. Please do not differentiate between marketing, communications, corporate, pr and customer care, internal and external communications. Last but definitely not least, it is about the customer, not about you.

I help organizations and corporates to become their own publisher via social and digital media. Strategy, roadmap, editorial board and planning, seeding, reporting on KPI’s, building a team and setting up the tools. ‘Content first, channels second’ with an equal importance for copy and visuals.

With a strong getting-things-done-mentality, over 17+ years experiences within 30+ top level brands and agencies, my own purpose is to help you to move into 2018 and beyond.

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