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Best read articles on LinkedIn in 2017

The top 10 articles fall roughly into three categories, and all of which tuck under the larger umbrella of “workplace advice.”

The first category of successful content uses the “one thing” theme, which purports to tell the reader something that can add a positive or remove a negative from his or her life. This sort of behavioral advice for the workplace crops up in three of the top 10 articles.

The second grouping relates to job interview advice, which also appears in three of the top 10 stories. These posts offer guidance for answering tricky questions, from “What’s your current salary?” to the dreaded “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Clearly, this sort of helpful, practical advice resonates with LinkedIn’s famously “professional” demographics.

The third category reveals the popularity of “great CEO worship.” Posts that highlight successful CEOs’ routines, habits, emotional intelligence or communication skills often go viral. If you’re ever unsure of what to write about, something about Elon Musk is a safe bet.



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