Email subjectlines

  1. Start your subject line with an action-oriented verb – Treat your subject line like a call to action. Make your language enticing and you’ll inspire more people to click on your email.​
  2. Appeal to the emotions – Convey to your recipients that your email contains information that will make their lives better, easier, or happier. Marketing research shows that eliciting urgency, curiosity or excitement are ideal options for higher open rates.​
  3. Pose a gripping question – Try asking a compelling question that makes it hard to resist opening your email, such as “What are your customers saying?”​
  4. Keep it clear and concise – Don’t waste people’s time making them guess what’s inside your email. Serve it straight-up and get to the point.​
  5. Know thy audience – The more relevant the subject line is to your audience’s interests, the more likely they’re going to be eager to take a look at what’s inside your email.​

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