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Deeplink to app

For social commerce, think about deep linking to your app instead of to your www.

“To deliver frictionless experiences across their mobile site and app, the marketing and product teams aligned on implementing deep links — a seamless technology that directs users to their app. Deep linking cohesively connected their webpages to their corresponding app pages, giving users a unified shopping experience.”

IG algorithm demystified

An explanation by IG on how their algorithm and search work.

Marketing plan

The 14 (or 11) tips for a marketing plan by Mark Ritson.

Social commerce

Shopping Made Social – How brands should be approaching Social Commerce in 2021.

1) Build social commerce content with your community: in China, social commerce is responsible for 30% of ecommerce (in the US 3%)
2) Drive cult products on the right platforms: partner and hook up with community content
3) Augmented Reality: bridging the gap between entertainment and shopping

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Subliminal advertising

“there’s a new form of hidden messages taking hold in ads: educational Easter eggs of a sort that are hiding in plain sight.

Sandy Hook Promise’s PSA “Evan” certainly brought global awareness to the tactic by telling the story of a high school romance that’s abruptly derailed a school shooting. In that video, from BBDO New York, we learn at the end that “warning signs” about the shooter were hidden throughout the clip.

Today we saw another example: a soaringly cinematic ad for a Danish optical brand.

The spot is a beautiful short film about children’s imaginations, but it also has its own hidden warning signs.

Give it a watch and see: Can you spot them all?

Source: Adweek https://www.adweek.com/agencies/can-you-spot-the-child-warning-signs-this-gorgeous-video-hides-in-plain-sight/

James Clear quotes

Love this. Source: jamesclear.com

“The way someone else perceives what you do is a result of their own experiences (which you can’t control), their own preferences (which you can’t predict), and their own expectations (which you don’t set). 

If your choices don’t match their expectations that is their concern, not yours.”

“A recipe for getting more out of what you read: 

Start more books. Quit most of them. Read the great ones twice.”

“Books for mindset.

Quiet time to think for strategy.

Conversations with successful peers for tactics.”

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