9 tips to improve your content

Open doors…

  1. Your content is the same as that of everyone else in your niche: This is why competitive analysis is so important.
    If you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, how do you expect to stand out?
  2. You have no real message: You need to know what your unique voice
  3. You don’t follow best practices and stick to the quick wins
  4. You never collaborate: this is the fastest path to growth. You need to collaborate and spend more time getting your content seen elsewhere
  5. You don’t understand your audience: Watch your content. See what gets the most engagement. And then pivot and get rid of the things nobody is Liking, Commenting on, or Sharing.
  6. You aren’t consistent: … it takes time
  7. You make today what you made yesterday: show progression, they want to grow with you. They want to see you improve. They want to know they are following someone or something that is headed in the “right direction.
  8. You don’t provide enough value with your content
  9. You don’t teach people anything: you are helping enrich their lives with information. If you aren’t teaching them something new every day, they have no reason to pay attention to you.


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