Whatsapp for marketing

How Adidas is using WhatsApp as a direct marketing channel. Copy-paste from Digiday:

“The brands that get this right will be the ones that understand just how private message platforms are and how privileged they are to be invited in.”

“100% Unfair Predator” campaign. Earlier this month, Adidas opened up a hotline on WhatsApp for people in need of a footballer to cover for unreliable teammates on their team. Adidas-sponsored players were made available for games last week once fans had shared some basic information with the hotline such as the game they need the player for. The company’s marketers would notify fans on the morning of their game if they’re request was successful. The rented players turned up dressed in Adidas’ new Predator20 Mutator footwear.

 “Tango Squad” community — a group of young footballers across 15 key cities worldwide who were given exclusive access to new drops before anyone else and were invited to exclusive events. The groups were between 100 and 250 people.

WhatsApp scam

Shockingly easy to use WhatsApp for fake news and manipulation, in Brazil and other countries. Great read on this pretty unknown scam, still relevant in 2019.

“The scraping software allows its clients to choose a target audience by searching for keywords, pages or public groups on Facebook.” “The method is not limited to politics. Marketers have also used it to promote cosmetics and foods, among other products, to Brazilians.”