Values and culture


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How the Nordic ski team wins at the Olympics: The Ski Team That Sleeps Together Wins a Lot of Gold Medals Together


2. MIndfullness

3. Compassion

4. Competition

De cultuur van de Golden State Warriors

Value of social

Amplifying efforts with advertising can provide higher returns on investment while creating an opportunity to connect with the most-loyal customers.

Lego uses its social media channels to gather customers’ ideas for new products and to tout new product lines. MyMuesli, a German maker of customizable granola, asked customers to publish images of their own granola mixes on Instagram and subsequently sold some of the customer-created products through its website. The Dutch airline KLM clearly uses its Twitter account as a customer feedback tool; in addition to responding to customers’ tweets, the airline shows that it is listening by prominently posting its estimated response time in its Twitter header (and updating it every five minutes). Knowing that their voices will be heard can make customers more willing to offer information and might even cause them to be more civil when they (inevitably) have complaints.

What’s the Value of a Like_