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Content in newsroom for stories, even made NY times ?☕

Starbuck focus on digital partnerships

“the “winners” will be the companies that can bring together their #in-store experience with #digital, while those that don’t “will struggle mightily”.

“Starbucks Johnson pointed to #Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods as a prime example of the type of disruption currently taking shape within the retail sector – and proof that digital companies are keen to open physical stores.”

Starbucks steps up focus on digital partnerships amid store closures

Really nice interview, how Starbucks works with Spotify and a sneak peak behind the scenes with their music selectors.

Questions like “Curating in-store music for Starbucks is quite a different thing from building a playlist for your next party or recommending music to a friend. What kind of factors come into play here? How do you prioritize and select the right songs?” and “How do you break all this music down and segment it? Do you have different playlists for different times of day? Different regions?”

“Later this year, Starbucks will up the ante on ordering by building a Siri-like virtual assistant into its app. The feature—dubbed My Starbucks Barista—allows users to place their order by tapping a button and talking to the virtual barista.”