Snapchat content strategy

Insights in #Snapchat strategy by #UnderArmour: “the ad formats run content for 10 seconds; Under Armour’s ads are designed to be watched in five or six seconds, with the main call-to-action popping up in under two seconds.

“If we can squeeze that main message to six seconds, we know it’s going to loop. If it didn’t resonate the first time, I’d rather them watch the ad one-and-a-half times in 10 seconds than risk them clicking away from it,” said Roni Sebastian, group creative director at Red Interactive, Under Armour’s digital agency.

How Under Armour Makes Its Snapchat Ads In 5 Seconds or Less

Marriott snapchat succes


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Marriott International uses #research for better #content: young consumers placed a high value on rare or interesting experiences, and this content play thus zeroed in on this topic, whether focusing on locations, hotels or the unique rewards the brand could offer.