Owned media is an illusion

‘Organic reach died years ago. Marketers just forgot to bury it.’ 

‘Brands are continuing to over-invest in content that almost nobody sees’

‘…promised brands and agencies freedom from the confines of paid media, then completely changed the rules of the game. … You’re probably still clinging to the notion that your brand or client can get something for nothing through so-called owned” media. But that’s always been a flawed mindset.’  

‘about 50:50 balance production : media’

‘The data-fueled engines on social media enable brands to tell a story that grows chronologically on a one-to-one basis. This is probably the most compelling component of social media marketing because it enables brands to drive brand metrics and generate revenue simultaneously. It’s no longer a choice between creating a branding campaign verse a direct-response campaign. Rather, it’s about creating a cohesive story where the upper and lower funnel work in harmony.’

Credits to @Ashley Vinson for sharing.  

Tips to boost content reach


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9 Content Amplification Tactics to 10x Your Reach

7 tips for reach

7 hands-on #tips to go #viral and get #reach, learn from the best and implement in your strategy

1. Distribute to the Proper Channels
2. Distribute Broadly if Something Catches Fire
Twitter: 10 times over two weeks (six times in the first four days, and 4 times over the remaining six days.
LinkedIn: Two times over two weeks on different days and different times.
LinkedIn Groups: One time.
Facebook Page: Two times over two weeks on different days and different times.
Google+: Two times over two weeks on different days and different times.
Pinterest: One time.
Instagram: One time.
3. Pile On with Paid Promotion
4. Surround Your Articles with Mix of Calls-to-Action
5. Links to Your Other Articles in Your Content
6. A Good Website Pop-up is a Must Have
7. Monitoring and Measurement Can Help You Seize the Day

Optimize reach Facebook Audiences

“Optimizing reach within the total target audience is the way to go.” says Jorre Rienstra (LLM, MA Economics)

“We saw that the top reach quartile of campaigns drove the number of total people impacted at 10% less cost per person impacted. The top reacncremental sales and 169% more incremental buyers..”

Download the whitepaper https://lnkd.in/gVZFf6h or subscibe https://lnkd.in/gJKxQxu

Tx Jorre Rienstra (LLM, MA Economics) Facebook Client Partner Global Marketing Solutions, for sharing and giving him the credits for my shameless copypasting. Also originated at Digiday

Heineken prioritizes mass reach over hypertargeting on Google and Facebook