Hashtag mistakes

“Hack a brilliant hashtag

We constantly see brands trying to scale a boring hashtag, almost like they have no idea what hashtagging even means. Hashtags are used to notate trends, movements and sentiments, and if your brand hasn’t harnessed one or all of these things, then you should get out of the hashtag game.

At The Participation Agency, we always say that if you want to get attention, you need to do something attention worthy, and that goes extra for you, Mr. Hashtag.

To prove this point, we created a movement called #getupny. We started by asking 10 Instagram photographers to share their images with #getupny. We then wheat-pasted their pictures around New York and reposted these images tagging each user. This project scaled to more than 100,000 submissions in three months. It was a valuable lesson in creating sentiment, trends and movements to prove use case for hashtags.”

5 Mistakes Companies Are Making in Digital


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