Storytelling funnel

the storytelling funnel for content and in line with your purpose and values, from ‘what you care about’ to ‘who you are’ to ‘what you sell’

“The funnel-matrix has two dimensions. The first maps loosely to the stages of a typical marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, and acquisition.The second dimension of the funnel-matrix adds a bit of planning to aid your content strategy. This comes straight from the playbook newsrooms have used for decades. The idea is to divide your stories into three more categories: timely stories dealing with current events, seasonal stories relevant because of the time of year, and evergreen stories that are valuable no matter when the audience encounters them.”

The Story Funnel-Matrix: Create Better Content With This Simple Diagram

Content on resistance defined by audience

Step 3: Know the resistance

Another way to gain insights into your audience is to identify resistance shown by your audience. What’s stopping people from taking the action you want them to take? Why don’t people continue fulfilling their information needs with your content?

Plus the other steps, must read for content strategy and check.

How to Take an Audience-First Approach to Your Content