Outdoor Voices

How to jump in a gap … combine #content with fashion and create a new movement. “Not only do people want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but they also want to be seen as healthy and active by others. How better to do that than through your clothing?” “The way that people perceive one another is largely tied to their appearance.”

Retail success during COVID

How fashion shops stay afloat during COVID and even have great seasons.

Fast Fashion

Think twice, what and where you buy matters and you can make the difference. “Fashion is a $2.4 trillion global sector that hires 70 million people worldwide and is the second biggest polluter after the oil industry.”

Since 2000, the average number of times a consumer wears an item before throwing it away has dropped by 36%, and many people use a garment only eight to 10 times before chucking it. These habits are contributing to the destruction of the environment. Every year, 85% of all textiles produced end up in landfills or the ocean. And since most clothes these days are made from plastic-based synthetic fibers, these garments might take hundreds of years to decompose.

Nikes innovation


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“innovation must always come first for Nike to stay at the cutting edge. So it’s a constant balancing act between investing in the slow, deliberate process of developing technology and keeping up with the latest styles. “We’re very aware of trends, but in order to push forward on our innovation agenda, we work on long lead times,”