Why people fail


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“1. They want the outcome more than they want to obtain a skill.
How many people do you know that speak often of something prestigious they want to be, and yet never actually take the necessary steps in order to become that very thing?
2. They care too much about what people think (and fear judgment in failure).
3. They mistake failure for lessons learned.
The best goal-setters know that failure is nothing more than a lesson in disguise.
4. They would rather throw in the towel than pivot.
People who give up on their goals stay entirely too attached to what their vision was at the onset, unwilling to compromise with the new information their journey has provided. They would rather chalk it all up as a failed venture than take what they’ve learned along the way, apply it, and allow their idea to change shape.
In short: they can’t let go of their original expectation.
5. They do not have the discipline to stick with their idea long enough to see it live.
Everybody wants to be “the idea guy” (or girl).
Most of the time, people give up on their goals simply because they lack discipline.
6. They get distracted by what someone else is doing.
Entrepreneurs are notorious for wanting to build the company someone else is building successfully.
7. They don’t believe in themselves enough.”