Evergreen content

20 Types of Evergreen Content that Produce Lasting Results for Your Business http://www.copyblogger.com/evergreen-content/

Data and case studies
1. Your own original research
2. “Every flippin’ stat” collection
3. “Deep dive for success” case study
4. “What went wrong” case study
5. One shocking stat and its consequences
6. How-to for beginners
7. How-to for advanced users
8. How-to checklist
9. How to do something over time
10. How to pick the best product
11. Ideas and resources
12. Best free and paid tools
13. Top influencers in a specific niche
14. Best books for a specific goal or niche
15. Common mistakes in a specific niche
Evergreen encyclopedic content
16. History of a topic or product
17. Single-greatest tip roundup
18. Best or worst practices for a specific goal
19. Complete glossary of a niche or topic
20. Everything you need to know about a niche or topic

It’s not easy being green
Evergreen content is powerful, insanely so. But remember creating it requires an investment. Pick one of the above templates and dig deep. Above all, aim for originality and value. Being genuinely helpful never goes out of season.