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A successful employee advocacy program is about 25% brand messages and 75% curated content—valuable to your target audience but not directly related to your brand.

You can start building your employee advocacy program in four simple steps. They are:

1. Set Your Strategy. Think of the specific, measurable goals your program should accomplish. Then identify your “social stars,” employees who are likely to have early success with your program.

2. Explain the Benefits. Advocacy works best when it’s intrinsically motivated. So ditch the leaderboards and giveaways—instead, explain to your employees how their shares will directly contribute to the business’s success and to their personal brand.

3. Launch and Administer the Program. Let the whole company know what you’re doing and why. Get leadership involved as much as possible—employees should see that there’s buy-in throughout the org chart. Then keep enthusiasm up with notifications, reminders and regular feedback.

4. Measure Results. Continually check your process against the goals and KPIs you set in step 1. Report back to stakeholders—and make sure to share progress with your employees, too.