Facebook relationship data

Facebook predicts during of relationships

Geplaatst door Facebook Data Science op woensdag 12 februari 2014

Facebook, love and data


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All about #Love ?, #Facebook and #data ” … to change your status to “In a relationship.” It turns out that if both users stay in this status for more than 3 months, the likelihood that they will stay together for 4 years or more is high. ”


Big data for restaurants

“Unbeknownst to most of their customers, those restaurants may have already anticipated their reservation—that’s because they use OpenTable, too, to learn more about their diners.

The company offers a product called GuestCenter, which is more or less a cloud dashboard for restaurants. It lets them keep track of table availability, which servers are working which parts of the restaurant–and, increasingly, offers plenty of insights into their customers’ eating habits and dining patterns. ”