Electric by VW


Quoted: “VW’s $50 Billion Moonshot Bet on an Electric Hatchback. The ID.3, slated to hit streets in 2020, is the first in the company’s huge pipeline of e-vehicles.”

“The ID.3, scheduled to hit the streets by midyear, is the first of at least 70 electric cars in VW’s pipeline. It will begin rolling off German assembly lines in November, and in 2020 two factories in China will start production, allowing VW to build more cars annually than Tesla Inc. has sold in its entire history. By 2022 the company expects to have eight facilities around the globe making battery-powered vehicles, from the ID.3 to cargo vans to Porsche’s four-door Taycan.”

“VW built its global brand after World War II with the Beetle. Then with sales of the Beetle tapering off, in 1974 the company introduced the Golf, which catapulted it to the top of the European industry. By applying that same sort of focus to its e-car push, “VW could wind up coming through the CO2 challenge as a winner,” says Tom Narayan, an analyst with RBC Capital Markets. “The ID.3 is the cornerstone of the whole thing.”

Ethics of AI


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“About the #ethics of #AI beyond self-driving cars.”

“More people have started becoming aware that AI could have different ethical consequences on different groups of people. The fact that we see people engaged with this—I think that that’s something promising.”

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Data for safety autonomous cars

#data for #safety, including for #autonomous #cars: “Geotagged information, like hazard light or fog light activation, emergency braking, and electronic stability control intervention, as well as other sensor data, is sent by individual cars to Here’s Open Location Platform, which then uses it to build up a picture of the state of the road network.”


Elektrisch rijden. De toekomst?

Dit vraag ik me al geruime tijd af. Wat gaat er gebeuren met het elektrisch rijden? Gaat het van’ 0% bijtelling cheap ass groene wollige sokken imago’ naar ‘hip en happening’?

Tijdens mijn interview met Jan-Christiaan Koenders (CEO BMW Group Nederland) wordt mijn interesse verder aangewakkerd. Mede door zijn uitleg van elektrisch rijden en de ontwikkelingen in de maatschappij, vind ik dat dit onderwerp serieuze aandacht verdient. Een geluidloze auto zonder het gevoel van een letterlijke kloppende en stomende motor onder je kont is a-sexy. Anno 2013 is het wel tijd voor een geheel nieuwe visie op mobiliteit. Continue reading