Whiskey voice journey

Check it out yourself how Alexa showcases this whiskey via voice… hilarious…. not yet convinced this really works to get brand ambassadors based on this customer journey. An A+ for effort and for being one of the first using this voice journey

source: Diago sees results from voice

Rayanair voice services

“Ryanair – Europe’s Favourite Airline customers will soon be able to use their #voices to search for and book flights and hotels. Their service goes one step further by integrating voice recognition across the #site and #app to allow customers to perform a range of actions including flight searches.

Further updates include a ‘Get me home’ feature on the app, allowing users to find their best route home and next available flight.”

Ryanair unveils voice-controlled booking in customer service focus


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Voice control 2017 “Everything hears you, but nothing listens.” Too Many Companies Are Listening To What They Want To Hear. (…) the problem with a scenario in which you can talk to anything is that you’re no longer talking to one thing. Only so many ears can live in one room.