Inhouse vs. agency

The pro’s and con’s of inhousing (June 2019)

“reflecting a broader #trend in recent years where more #creative, #social media and #digital marketing operations are shifting away from agencies to #internal teams.”

Agency management

Clients are to blame on agency behavior and transparancy

interview with CMO RBS on Digiday

Agency client relationship on Strategy


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“Clients spend too much time, money and effort in the wrong places,” said one European planner “— all driven by the fear of being left behind. Living in this stressed state they’ve forgotten how to be a good purchaser of creative services.”

From agency to clientside: media

Many agencies are also viewed as being slow to adapt to the accelerated pace of the digital revolution, which has recently led management and finance consultancies such as Accenture and Deloitte to step in and meet brands’ needs for technological and data expertise. If the chief media officer position continues to see healthy growth, more brands might poach talent from agencies to strengthen their in-house services — another trend that’s recently put a greater dent in the agency business. This point additionally underscores how not just agencies but also brands are struggling with digital disruption and modern marketing demands, which has resulted in serious volatility with top executive positions such as the CMO.