2018 predictions


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2018 en meer: “We gaan de komende tijd juist zien dat die resultaten wél iets zeggen over de toekomst. Door de toepassing van predictive analysis, big data en machine learning kunnen we steeds beter de toekomst voorspellen.”  tx @Justien Marseille


Content trends 2018: audience, publisher

1. Audience experience will become more important than ever.
2. High-quality content clusters are the future of search.
3. Content strategies will expand.
4. Channel experimentation will be critical to reaching your audience.
5. Brands will need to think like media companies.
6. Dynamic content will continue rising.
7. Highly relevant stories will be crucial for driving action.
8. There will be a greater focus on building an audience.
9. Increasing use of ad blockers will challenge your traffic analytics.
10. Video will be nonnegotiable.
11. Snackable, searchable content will be key to reaching younger consumers.


Purpose and positioning

“2018 should be the year brands move away from doing #purpose for purpose’s sake and #focus on brand #differentiation through better defined #positioning.”

“Savvy brands are beginning to realise that purpose doesn’t have to be lofty or about pushing through a big societal change. A brand’s purpose should be rooted in the brand itself and what it stands for and what makes it different from competitors. And that, essentially, is positioning.”

Trends for 2018: Purpose will morph back into positioning