Owned versus rented for social and SEO

Why you should not be too depended on #social for your #content distribution. Owned versus rented…

“This doesn’t mean that these channels should be avoided altogether—brands just need to make sure that they own their own channels, as well. Thankfully, marketers have plenty to choose from, including mobile messages or push notifications, websites, blogs, email and direct mail. While there may be a slightly higher cost for certain channels over others, such as mobile messaging or direct mail, the costs are still relatively lower for a brand compared to rented channels—and more direct and under your control.

Email is a great example of an owned channel for brands to leverage, and you can take Facebook’s word on it.

Noah Kagan, the 30th employee at Facebook, stated that Facebook isn’t the best way to market and connect with your audience—it’s email.”

Why Marketers Should Own, Not Rent

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