James Clear quotes

Love this. Source: jamesclear.com

“The way someone else perceives what you do is a result of their own experiences (which you can’t control), their own preferences (which you can’t predict), and their own expectations (which you don’t set). 

If your choices don’t match their expectations that is their concern, not yours.”

“A recipe for getting more out of what you read: 

Start more books. Quit most of them. Read the great ones twice.”

“Books for mindset.

Quiet time to think for strategy.

Conversations with successful peers for tactics.”

“The best properties are rarely for sale. 

The best employees are rarely job hunting. 

The best clients are rarely shopping.

The best option is usually off the market. Most people think this means you can’t have it. What it really means is you have to go find it and sell yourself.”

“The teacher learns more than the student.

The author learns more than the reader.

The speaker learns more than the attendee.

The way to learn is by doing.”

“New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do.

And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. 

For this reason, your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.”

“The trick to writing well is to… 

– take long sentences and make them short

– take confusing ideas and make them clear

– take unrelated concepts and make them related

…without losing the main idea in the process.”

“A 5-step process for nearly anything:

1) Explore widely. Find out what is possible.

2) Test cheaply. Run small, quick experiments. Sample things.

3) Edit ruthlessly. Focus on the best. Cut everything else.

4) Repeat what works. Don’t quit on a good idea.

5) Return to 1.”

“Entrepreneur’s mind.
Athlete’s body.
Artist’s soul.”

“Go smaller. 

Can’t learn an exercise? Reduce the range of motion. 

Struggling to grasp a new concept? Break it down. 

Failing to stick with a habit? Make it easy. 

Master stage one, then advance.”

“‘You’re probably right’ has become of my favorite phrases. Whenever someone disagrees with you on a small matter (read: most things), you can shrug, say ‘you’re probably right’ and move on.
Not caring about winning trivial arguments saves so much time and energy.”

“Build before you have to.

– Build knowledge before you have to.
– Build strength before you have to.
– Build an emergency fund before you have to.

Let internal pressure drive you today, so you can handle external pressure tomorrow.”

“The difference between motion and action. 


-talk to a personal trainer

-research your book idea

-explore different types of meditation


-do 10 squats

-write 1 sentence

-meditate for 1 minute

Motion feels like progress. Action is progress.”

“The Cycle of Improvement:

1. Awareness – identify what you need to improve.

2. Deliberate practice – focus your conscious effort on the specific area you want to improve.

3. Habit – with practice, the effortful becomes automatic.

4. Repeat – begin again.”

“The two skills of modern business: Storytelling and spreadsheets. 

Know the numbers. Craft the narrative.”

“Creative ideas happen when you stop thinking about what others will think.”

Focus is the art of knowing what to ignore.

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