What companies know best will always be their products and services, but there are other topics that fall within their areas of expertise that offer far more value to consumers. … a study found that 74 percent trusts content from companies that educate them on a topic, but when those same companies include a product-focused message in their content, credibility drops by 29 percent.”

Your readers already know and trust that you’ll provide the best content about your products and services. They come to your site for product information, hours of operation, and pricing. They turn to your social handles for customer service and support. They might even check your blog for company updates.

And just because a brand creates content that focuses on emotion doesn’t mean it has to avoid direct advertising about its products. Dove is one brand that embraces all three layers of content creation. Sometimes, Dove touts the benefits of its soap versus competitors. Other times, it talks more generally about hygiene. But its most compelling and viral pieces of content are about personality and emotion.


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