17 effectivity tips

  1. Make it a goal to have no more than 10 tasks on your to-do list each day.
  2. Decide what your monthly and weekly goals are.
  3. Having goals allows you to work on what’s important to you and it keeps you focused on your priorities.
  4. By having a set of goals, you find it much easier to eliminate the unimportant tasks that come up each day.
  5. Having goals gives you focus.
  6. Begin the day with a goal.
  7. Start small.
  8. Ask yourself: What one thing you could do today that would have the biggest positive impact on your day?
  9. Small steps consistently taken leads to great distances being covered.
  10. Plan what you are going to achieve the day before with the 2+8 Prioritisation system.
  11. Know what your majors and minors are.
  12. Having goals adds positive pressure to get more done.
  13. Having specific, clear goals incentivises you to move forward.
  14. Making progress on your goals leads to more progress.
  15. Goals give you accountability.
  16. Invoke the power of Parkinson’s Law.
    Parkinson’s Law states “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.
  17. You become a highly focused, goal achieving individual.


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